The Academy of Fine Arts Tournai ( AC'T ) is a Belgian art school. I joined its digital arts section (3D/Animation purpose) in September 2000. There, I learned the basics of multiple techniques : anatomical drawing , digital communication, photography, 2D animation, multimedia, storyboarding , video and 3D. I was also trained in major computer graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Combustion and Maya.


During these five years, I produced ​​several animation and video works. I took part in two collaborative larger projects : Celephais (2002) and Yoghana (2005). The first one is a short 2D animated film based on a novel by HP Lovecraft. The second is an imaginary wild life documentary made ​​entirely in 3D. These two movies were made with two other students from my section : Renaud Berger and Thomas Marcotte .


I get my licence in Digital arts in June 2005.


Project Details :


Client : Ac'T


Date : 2000-2005


Credited as : co-Director/Scenarist

3D Artist

Motion designer


Concept Artist

Sound Designer



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